Colour to stain, oil or paint outdoor setting

Anna Jessep
6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I had made up my mind to get rid of the pictured outdoor setting because I do not have it in me to sand it all and then oil or stain. However, I found a stain in the shed that the previous owner left behind and tested it out on the lazy susan (without sanding) to see how it would look. I would like advice on whether I proceed and paint the setting this colour.

The photo with the concrete pad in the background is likely where it will go which I intended on painting grey - any advice on the tone of grey would be appreciated. I don't want to go too light as when the sun will reflects off it, it'd be harsh on the eyes.

Another option is to use the stain on the other setting pictured (which will remain where it is). I'm wondering if the cedar colour is too much for near the house ...

I would also appreciate advice on what colour to paint the trellised framing that is around the air conditioning unit.

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