Exterior colour scheme Would like other professionals opinions please

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8 months ago
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So This is a project I am working on as you can see extension is modern and box like, with a bungalow style existing residence. The bungalow will be rendered and the roof will now be colourbond. The extension square section will be Colourbond steel.

So my question - wanting feedback, thinking the box extension will be matt black monument, pitched roof shale grey (quite light to contrast the black modern addition) gutters and fascia in shale grey. House of existing home ground level 1/4 strength Lexicon, clients really want black alluminium windows, so black windows and black front door, which is to the side.

Given the asethetic do you think the monochrome scheme I am proposing will work well? Toyed with a darker roof like Basalt but feel like it will be too dark at the top - too much black. I realise having black and white will segment the new from old, but I think that works well with colour and defines the old and new monument black matt very chic and modern. Other alternative would be to have the new addition and existing house the same colour light grey something like Tranquil retreat and Monument or Basalt roof. All thoughts welcome please.

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Option 1 would look similar to this, with black windows instead

Matt Black Monument new addition, paired with Shale Grey pitched roof, 1/4 lexicon existing house with black alluminium windows
Tranquil Retreat new addition and existing house painted the same light grey, and have the existing roof in monument black or Basalt with black windows

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