3 months ago

Hi everyone,

We have a 1960s brick home in Melbourne close to the beach. We’ve spent the last 12 months getting our backyard to a blank canvas since we purchased it. It was 20 years of weeds and concrete. We have spent a few months trying to work out our backyard plans and we want to get the hard landscaping done before we go any further. There is a large amount of concrete in our backyard and we had planned to deck over a big oration if it. Quotes came in around 30-35k to do, so we are looking to scale it back. I have done a very rough sketch in black of the scaled back deck. And the windows to the left links to the kitchen. We are also planning on making the deck level to the floors in the house so you don’t have a few awkward steps. We will still have a large portion of concrete that we’d like to hide, but stick for ideas. We have considered crushed sand but open to any suggestions or ideas from others.