help! out door styling

10 months ago

I am trying to pull together a fresh styled look for our exterior. Seeking Help with planters and colours and styling for the paved front entrance and patio.
Roof, windows, paving and wall colour (with touch ups) to remain. White Outdoor patio furniture is new so wanting to match that style.
Planning large outdoor planters to add some life and style to the front and maybe a small table and chairs.

Planned open beams in dark grey or black planned for climbing jasmine over the front paving - to help pull eyes away from ugly front windows (and farmer hubby willing to do the steel work!). Black/midnight navy/greyish beams planned so eyes move past when looking out to take in the view- will paint patio beams the same.

Patio: wanting to complete for a styled look. Keen for ideas on plants, pots and finishing touches.

No designers or landscapers near our town so help is appreciated.

I’m wanting to start with planters as think will make a big difference.

Need help with:

  1. Outdoor planter colour - plan new large planters but what colour? Smoky Blue to match roof (but very hard to find)? White to match patio furniture (and easiest to find)? Grey to match pavers and contrast drab wall colour?
  2. Planter shape!
  3. Colour for outdoor lounge canvas (Labrador pup killed the current ones!)
    4 beam colour (for patio beams plus over front paved area for jasmine to climb)
    5 other ideas for the front!

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