Help me choose aTV unit which will set the tone for the rest of the LV

Arese Fr
January 14, 2020
last modified: January 14, 2020

Hello to the community!

So here's the story, this is my first time actually thinking about interior decoration/design as I'm moving in a couple of days in my first unfurnished unit.

That means we have to buy everything from the TV unit to the sofa, dining table etc.

The thing is that I have 0 experience designing home interiors, I don't know the fundamentals are when it comes to colors etc.

The first thing we want to buy is a TV unit (because we already bought a TV) but we're struggling to pick a model as we don't know if the color or design will match with how we are picturing our living room.

We're after a modern, contemporary look for our living room. I though I would show you a couple of ramdom pictures of living rooms I like so you can have a better idea of our taste.

Here's a picture of living room with staged furniture

Can someone shed some lights on what color I should aiming for based on the white walls and greyish carpet to achieve a sleek and modern look?

Also question. I really love the setup of this TV unit for my entertainment system, and by itself I think it's a good looking TV unit but would that go with a modern look? What is the expert consensus about wood based furniture in a modern living room?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated :)

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