Using linoleum (Marmoleum) in bathroom / laundry?

last year

Hello! We have recently bought a 1966 house in Hobart. It is largely in original condition and we will need to renovate the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

We are not in a rush to renovate, as it is all currently serviceable and we would like to make sympathetic changes in keeping with the lovely original design of the house.

The kitchen, bathroom and laundry currently have old vinyl sheet flooring, under which we have found original linoleum tiles. See photos.

I would love to replicate the original look of these rooms using linoleum. However, I understand that the manufacturers of Forbo Marmoleum do not recommend its use in wet areas.

Should I therefore steer clear of linoleum in the bathroom and laundry? I plan to use Marmoleum on the kitchen floor.

Has anyone used Marmoleum in wet areas like a bathroom or laundry and what was your experience?

If I don’t use linoleum, I can use tiles in the bathroom, but should I also tile the laundry floor? Or is there a product suitable for wet areas that will give the look of proper old-style linoleum?


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