Plant of the week Zamia furfuracea ‘ Cardboard Plant’

Zamia furfuracea ‘ Cardboard Plant’

With a name like that we just had to chat a little about it. Originating from Mexico and can be called the cardboard palm due to its growth habit being superficially similar to that of a palm.

A very versatile plant able to handle coastal, rockery and container planting. Its striking leaves have a slight fuzzy feel to them. It is a textured upright clump of tightly overlapping leaves coming from the middle of the plant giving a great rosette look.

A tough, hardy, low maintenance plant able to grow in full sun to partly shade and loves well drained soils. In the right conditions she can get to a width of 1.5-2.0m with a height of about 1.0m. Its only real pet hate is frost so be mindful.

This plant is growing in popularity giving you a plant that is low and wide and is very happy in part shade with a low maintenance habit. To add to its repertoire of uses it is comfortable being planted on dry coastal sites and is not a thirsty plant. Having said that it needs enough moisture to keep the trunk fat and healthy as if left to dry out the trunk and stems can wrinkle.

A plant that has certainly earnt its spot as one of the most popular landscaping cycads in Australia. Give it a go in your garden and see how it will add shape and structure to the surrounding plants in your garden. BUT and there is a BUT the flowers and the seeds are POISONOUS

Chris Slaughter

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