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Ensuite & WIR design + space consideration help

4 years ago

Hello all!

Well it's been a while - we bought our first house and with the design help of some of the regulars especially on here we have completed some major renovations to the kitchen, lounge, pantry and laundry (majority of the work we did ourselves!). I will try to update the original thread with photos soon, but for now, we are after some advice and other ideas / posibilites for the next phase.

Now that we've lived in the house for a while to get a feel for the space, we really think we need a much larger walk in robe, ensuite, and main bathroom. The house is currently 5 bedrooms, but we are happy dropping to 4, as these bathrooms in particular are quite cramped compared to the openess of the house.

Our idea is this - remove the current ensuite completely and take out the wall between the ensuite/robe, giving a space of about 1700 x 4000.

Q1. - Is this going to be wide enough? We want to maximise storage - currently half our clothes are in the spare bedroom nextdoor... Would love to see layout ideas for storage. There's an angled part of the WIR wall that contains plumbing and can't be moved (easilly). I'm finding it difficult to decide on door locations too that dont affect the bedroom or storage space.

We will then put a door between the existing main bathroom and close this in from the hallway. Space is still not huge (approx 2700x2700), and there's a set of aluminium sliding windows above the current bath which might make designing the space more difficult - however, my idea re this is to put in glass bricks and build this into the shower. Additionally, we've cut out a space for a 'hatch' between the current bathroom area and the laundry - it opens up directly into the laundry basket in the new laundry cupboard.

Q2. - We would love some other ideas, suggestions or critcisms on the current bathroom layout please!

Thanks everyone!!!!

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