Your Meditation Garden Design!

There are some essential design objectives for a Meditation garden design. A meditation garden theme suits different garden design styles. So this means that you can adapt any style to include your meditation requirements!

The atmosphere of a meditation garden must be one of contemplation and peace. There is no place for way out colors or busy designs. Everything must be smooth flowing and in harmony.

Essential Design Objectives

Human Elements

A suitable bench, chair or deck to sit or lie on providescomfort for the person meditating. Cushions, a screen for excessive wind and possibly something to provide shade improves the meditation experience.

A garden is also better viewed from a seated position. You can be one and connect with nature better when it is visually pleasing.

Color in the Meditation Garden

Minimal colormust be used. The main color is shades of green. Green has a strong affinity with nature. It creates a feeling of comfort and sooths emotions and lessens stress.

Some color can be used to give some individual taste to the garden.


Illusion is used to create feelings of space and vista. For example; a pathway wide at the front and narrow at the back, creates an illusion of a spacious long pathway. A feeling of freedomis achieved.

A pathway can be symbolic of leaving the worldly cares behind. Not a bad idea if you want a good meditation experience!

Rhythm of Nature

The seasonal changesin a garden represents time moving on. The seasons bring exciting changes and new plant materials. Design your garden to have something special in it for every season. This will enhance your meditating experience.

General Garden Design Principles

Implement all the garden design principles and garden design basics. This will ensure harmony, balance, interest and personality to your garden. That brings me to the all important aspect of personalizing your landscape design.

Personalizing your Meditation Garden Design

Likes and Dislikes

Add things to your garden that reflect your personality. Include plant material and objects that give you a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. This enables you to think appropriate thoughts.

Links to Your Daily Life

Create a meditation garden that links logically to your daily life. For example; have steps or a rise in level of the ground. This could symbolize your daily challenges. Level ground could symbolize when life flows by smoothly, etc.

The whole purpose behind a meditation garden design is to have a logical meaningand connection behind it. This helps you to organize your thoughts. It gets you into the right atmosphere for meditation.

Significance and Value

Select and place things in the garden that has some significance and value to you. Discard unwanted senseless things that don’t belong in your garden. Don’t clutter your mind with these distractions.

Privacy and Security

Make sure your garden is private, safe and secure. Contemplating requires a peaceful setting. This is especially true if you need to get in touch with your deeper inner self, nature and its surroundings.

Take up the challenge and do a meditation garden design for your garden, or part of it.

Meditate over the idea, and just Do It! :-)

Chris Slaughter

Scenic Blue Design

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