Bathroom/Ensuite/Powder Room - is 3 different styles too much?

Maya A
5 months ago
last modified: 5 months ago

Hi all! As part of our whole house reno, we have an ensuite, main bathroom and powder room to consider. My question is, what is the general consensus regarding continuity or flow between bathrooms on the same floor? I notice many homes these days tend to have the same tiling and tapware in all bathrooms, but is that an unspoken rule now, or it it ok to mix it up a little?

We have already purchased the tapware/vanity/mirror/shaving cabinet for bathroom and ensuite, and wall tile for main bathroom. We are yet to order the terrazzo floor tile, so this is what needs to be decided.

I'd love some suggestions on which terrazzo suits each/both bathrooms best, and in the Main Bathroom if you'd suggest keeping it on floor/bath sides only or running it halfway up the wall.

I've attached some photo-shopped mock-up images with each option to give an idea. I've also attached a photo of our recently finished (albeit messy) kitchen, to give an idea of style already in the home.

The powder room has a pedestal sink and will use same terrazzo as ensuite/main bathroom.

I would greatly appreciate any advice and any suggestions to allow for flow.

Thank you thank you!!!

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