Strange GARDEN DESIGN Questions!

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2 months ago

You may be thinking; why should I spend money on a design and construction detail when I can put that money into the plants etc?

Well before I finally turned my passion into what is now my profession, I didn’t really question this too much. OK what’s he babbling on about I can hear you saying.

Well I would like to spend a little time to try and iron out some questions which I have been asked. They are on the spot questions which are thrown at me to answer.

· Why do we need to worry about the technical aspects?

Some things are just second nature to someone who’s been doing landscape design for so many years. Things like longevity, quality, structural integrity, drainage, available water, prevailing winds and sun exposure. All these and many more behind the scene aspects need to be incorporated into a total design if you are to achieve a truly successful new space.

I take this as a given but that’s my business. Many of my clients who have asked me to undertake their Landscape Garden Design do not have the time to worry about such things but want to see it, feel it and taste it. Please remember however, if you do not commit to the hidden technical aspects you may not see it, feel it and taste it. By skimping on the technical aspects you are actually skimping on your end result. What may seem an unnecessary cost at the start will (fact) save you a lot of money in the long run and help ensure you do get a garden space that is yours, complete and provides you with the ambiance you expected.

· Can I do something completely different?

This is why I just love my business. To be able to listen to you, read your wish list and then create that living growing space.

Just because you have a certain architecture, that does not define what you are going to do in the garden. Certainly that home is the starting point and whether it is contemporary or traditional will likely guide the outdoor design. However, there are times when my clients crave for something totally different. With our ability to experience so many styles and traditions throughout the world you may wish for a contemporary style with a twist of Zen. Or a certain holiday atmosphere you enjoyed and wish for those subtle overtones brought into your garden space. You may wish for an English garden style leading you though your garden as if it where a story or you may be someone who is very studious and be looking for perfect lines. You are simply limited by your imagination and by appointing a qualified Garden Designer/Architect your imagination will be transformed into reality.

· Is there a standard or template we could use?

What you are trying to accomplish with your landscape and how to accomplish it might be done in many different ways. Do you need any improvements to the property or do you want to enhance an architectural detail? Such architectural detail would really stand out with the right plant or combination of plants during the day and spectacularly lit up at night. Do you need to soften the roof line? Do you need to hide the car port or garage? Do you want to draw attention away from your neighbour’s house? So, as far as gaining a standard for all gardens you will struggle. However, the standard applies with your planning and execution.

Either yourself, if you are happy, or appoint a qualified garden designer/architect to lay down the concept design so you can see how the whole layout looks (your wish list). Have construction detailing produced so you can see that it works and is build able.

Cross reference any proposals with your local councils control and environmental plans. Gain the confidence of a licensed landscape contractor. Stay involved with the project if time allows or appoint the designer to oversee the design/build process.

If you try to short cut this then there is a high chance that areas will be overlooked and will become costly not to mention frustrating. You are now looking at a project which will give you worry and anxiety, not one which should have been a fun and challenging experience.

In a nut shell. If you don’t skimp on the preparation, you will see your hard earned savings reward you as they should.

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