Access to garage/laundry through master bedroom?

Tracey B
16 days ago

So we are subdividing our property, and the driveway is going to be moved to a different location with a new garage built. The existing garage will remain, and used in the same way it currently is: for drying laundry, storing bikes etc. It has internal access. Concurrently, we are renovating the house, and we want to knock out a wall between the spare room and laundry to make a master bedroom. This means two things. We need to move the laundry, and the access to the old garage will be via the master bedroom. We have two options. Move the laundry into garage, which is the cheapest and easiest option, or turn our other spare room/study into the laundry. We would still have 4 bedrooms but I work from home sometimes so I don't really want to lose my study. I can just have a desk in the lounge though. My question is, how weird would it be to have access to the laundry being via the master bedroom? Would it put people off when buying or its just a quirk?

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