Advice needed! Small bathroom layout (with floor plans and inspo pics)

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15 days ago
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Hey there renovators, I need some help/advice in deciding on a layout for a bathroom renovation we are doing (our first one). This is the only bathroom in a 2 bedroom unit and the current layout is below. It's a small space so finding a layout that works is super important, especially when we need to keep the bath.

The non-negiotable inclusions for the new room are:

  1. Euro-laundry behind where door opens (800x800 space)
  2. 1 x vanity (ideally 900mm wide)
  3. 1 x bath
  4. 1 x toilet

We would LOVE to have a seperate shower (with a frameless shower screen) and bath, but really struggling to make this work with the limited space we have. Before I give up and put a shower over bath along the windowed wall (far left in the above plan, 184cm long) I would love your opinion/advice on some other layouts I've been playing with.

I really like the 'wet-room' style bathrooms, where you have a frameless shower screen and open area. Like these examples.

This is my favourite layout, and I've estimated the screen size as 900 and the gap as about 500. Could be wildly inaccurate. Here's my mock layout...

The big issue here is the gap. We could move a wall and stretch this to 50cm but it's still not much.

This shower screen looks super narrow which would solve the gap issue. I'm ok with water hitting the bath but not sure if this is really impractical.

I've tried this layout but don't have the length in the room to put the vanity next to the screen, which means it would be across from the shower and concerned it would get very wet reguarly? Here's the mock...

Other things to note:

  • I have been allowing 800 width space for the toilet.
  • Bath size I'm looking at has been about 1500 x 700 for standalone, 1500 x 750 for back to wall bath.
  • We can make the bathroom slightly wider (ie to about 2000 wide rather than 1840) but not any longer.
  • Would be looking at narrow/slimline baths. Would consider an inset bath too if there was any improvement to space required.

Love to hear your thoughts/opinions/suggestions/brutal advice!

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