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We are building a new house. We have purchased 2 blocks, 1 we will use for the house and the other for yard. Will do a courtyard and bbq along the back of the house. The side yard is approx 15m wide x 33m long. We have a 20ft shipping container that we would like paint and convert into a back shed or kids clubhouse, maybe cover in an evergreen vine like english ivy. It will have power to it and will probably cut a hole in the end and put in a roller door for bike storage. Other things we need to incorporate are:

Chook pen

22,000L water tank (necessary for Australia)

20ft container

4 x citrus trees ( 1 mandarin, 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 orange)

A fire pit

A bee hive with bee and bird friendly plantings around eg. lavender, aus natives etc.

Dont want to block the house from the east or north as that is where our morning and winter sun comes from.

front of house is on the left of the photo. the square on the back is the outdoor room.

will try and work out how to add a bigger photo. many thanks

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Would be nice if we could cover the container like this. It wont have windows tho.

back of house faces east, front faces west

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