Which way to lay subway tiles and what to use as skirting?

last month

Doing the en suite and main bathroom in my house. Budget doesn’t stretch to tiling the whole room so we are just doing the shower area, stub wall between shower and vanity and above vanity (and the floor of course). We’ve got dark grey floor tiles (Belga charcoal) and light grey subways for the walls (union light grey gloss). If we are using subway tiles should we use the floor tiles for the skirting? Usually the skirting seems to made from the wall tiles but I’ve also never seen subway tiles as a skirting before. I was just concerned about using the floor tiles as they are quite dark. Also can’t decide how to arrange the subways. The lady in Beaumont tiles suggested a vertical stack as that is quite trendy at the moment. I’m not sure how well that will work when only doing parts of the room, like between the vanity and the mirror. I’m feeling like a traditional brick stack might be simpler. We have white vanity and basin and black tap ware.

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