COVID19 time put to use - please help with Master/Ens (& rest of house

Kiki Ky
2 months ago

Revisiting this - good opportunity whilst in COVID-19 lock down! Life got in the way as it does. Really keen to try and resolve the layout for Master Bedroom reno. Oklouise and others could I ask your thoughts please?

Updated thoughts on layout per rough sketch below. This room has raked ceilings and where the vanity is the wall is 240H and open above. Would like to drop ceiling above shower/toilet. Mainly to enclose shower to deal with steam. Wish I could enclose toilet without taking valuable robe space - ideas? Not sure there is room for a door.

Whole house plan below. Master is accessed via a breezeway from hall near bed 2/5. Only bed 2, 3, 4, 5, bath have been renovated to date. Main living incl kitchen, dining, family, lounge and funny little room adjacent to lounge to go. Will be asking for guidance on these also.

Hope you are all OK during this unsettling time. Good to focus on something positive for a break from the harshness of what is going on around us. Thanks everyone

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