New cabinets and floating floors

3 months ago

Could I please get some advise regarding a current kitchen renovation and the installation of floating floors. We have new cabinets to be installed in our kitchen and have chosen to lay floating laminate flooring. Our cabinet maker is aware of this and will install the cabinets first and return once the floor has been laid and install the 'kick boards' I have a question about other parts of the cabinetry and the floating floor. What happens to the side/end parts of cabinets? If they are installed first does this mean that floating floor has to be cut around the cabinets or can these also be adjusted at the same time as the kick boards. I am confused because I thought that the cabinets would be affixed to the wall and levelled at the installation with only the kick boards to be installed afterwards. The reason I ask is that I definitely do not want any quad or beading in the new kitchen but it appears this may be the case. I have attached a sample photo to show what I am describing.

All advice appreciated thank you.

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