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Walk-through Closet to Master Bath?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

We are in Los Angeles in a tiny house (800sq ft) and expending the bottom floor and adding a 2nd floor where it will just have bedrooms (total will be about 2,400 sq ft). Our new master suite will be a decent size, however we are not sure if the idea of creating a larger closet that will be a walk through to the bathroom is a good or bad idea. Originally we had a balcony and a 5x7 walk in closet, then we removed the balcony and used that extra sq ft to expand the room to have a bigger closet, which could now be about 10x5, but we felt that the hall way could also be used as closet space, hence the idea of a walk-through. We would try to have nice built ins to make it neat looking but we know this is not a traditional idea so want to know your thoughts. Here is the design with the walk through idea for a visual.

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