Replacing swollen floorboards on concrete slab

last month

Hi, I have been living in a house for the past 8 years. Overall the house is in reasonable condition but a dodgy grouting job in the shower has caused water to leak over the concrete slab. This has caused the neighboring timber floorboard planks to swell up in both the bathroom doorway and next door's laundry doorway. Luckily the previous owners had left us with a couple of boxes of the floorboards 12 all up which should be enough for the replacement. These floorboards have been impossible to find elsewhere. I have since repaired the shower recess grouting to stop the leak. Fast forward 18 months, I am wanting to replace the floorboards in the affected area.

My question is the process of replacing the floorboards. After pulling up one swollen floorboard, I noticed that the concrete slab underneath does not look to have been waterproofed. I guess I am after recommendations for waterproofing products for the concrete slab and the adhesive to lay the floorboards back down. Plus any tips or tricks.

I have attached a few images:

- Product label

- Floorboards (the lighter board is the new one. I guess they have darkened with exposure to light)

- Affected area (doorway)

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