Carpet options that wont show footprints

last month

Hi, we're after some advice on our new carpet. We recently replaced our old carpet and went with a smoothsoft solution dyed nylon twist pile (Tranquil Charm - Andersens) and we're really disliking the look of the footprints that's showing. We did specifically mention during our measure and quote that we wanted a carpet that wouldnt show high levels of tracking.

They do allow a 100 day replacement guarantee, however they've been less than helpful with providing advice on an alternate product which may be more suitable to what we are looking for. We realise a different style like loop may show less tracking but we do prefer a twist pile and have seen this used in display homes etc with much less tracking than what we're seeing. We're fine with some levels of shading, however we can even make out the indentations of feet and toe prints which we feel it makes the room appear 'messy'.

I've had someone mention that going for a lower quality carpet that has less threads/lower pile may help as ours is very soft and plush. Does anyone have any advice on what to look for, or even better, has had an experience installing a twist pile through Andersen's that might be a little more forgiving with tracking? Really appreciate any tips as we have spent a lot of money on our new carpet and we'd like to have something we enjoy and not avoid!

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