60s To Now Kitchen Transformation

In 2018 we transformed a cream brick 1960’s house into an extremely functional family home. The kitchen was probably updated in the 70’s but was now old and all the plumbing was blocked.


The brief was to bring this dated kitchen into the 20th century, and offer light & functionality into the space, along with an overall modern feel.

The existing kitchen, was very typical of the era, all-laminate, with a boxed-in counter bar. The kitchen was placed at the rear of the house, which was a great location for us to be able to open it up to the outside entertainment area.

The process to achieve this brief was to flip the u-shape kitchen design, which provided maximum cupboards/storage to the small area. We changed the windows to be more functional. Replacing the side corner window with a smaller window, became the sink splashback and allowed the light to flood through in the afternoon, but not have the intense west sun beaming through in the summer. We also replaced the larger original over sink window with a high light window, which added more interest and depth to the space, along with injecting the southern sun.


Two texture cabinets were chosen to break the space, and add warmth and a modern feel, with the push opening doors creating a seamless and modern look. We also added a black mirror splashback to throw light back into the room along with the image of the external gardens. To keep the space open, we did not do a breakfast bar as it would have encroached on the dining room. Replacing the old external door/window with bifold doors in the dining room allowed the inside/outside transition.

Our clients were thrilled with the final product and we're so excited to cook their first meal in their new but timeless kitchen, now with loads of storage and interest to all visitors that they entertain.