Open Plan Renovation Ideas

Tom Grannell
13 days ago


I'm just about to move into my newly purchased home but I really feel that the entry into my home could really do with a good make over.

Would love to hear of some tips or ideas that you would think would work on the following:

Staircase - So far I'm thinking about ripping up existing carpet and replacing with oak coloured engineered timber flooring. I'm unsure if I should paint the risers (possibly white) or have them as timber also? Or is engineered timber easily damaged on stairs and just run with laminate instead?

Mezzanine - Thinking about removing the low lying wall and handrail and replacing with either glass or steel balustrades (similar to existing railing). if I was to run with glass, I'd extend down side of stairs

Living Room - Looking at replacing the timber and tiles with polished concrete (natural look)

  • removing blue low lying wall to expose self standing gas unit.
  • Mount TV on wall (where the hanging picture is)
  • Incorporate a built in couch into the bay window, with the material matching my couch.
  • installing Faux wood beams on roof to give the house a more natural look.

Sliding Door - replace with bi fold doors instead

Can't wait to hear your ideas