What to do about my kitchen lights and pantry?

last month

We built our house 10yrs ago based on a display home. Due to our uneven block we had to put three steps in. Apparently this affected the kitchen given there is a stairwell behind it. Plans were changed and we ended up with the kitchen pantry made from brick with interior doors. I didn’t expect this. I am now in a position to make some changes. What do I do to make it look better?

i was also thinking of changing 3 downlights above the bench into pendants. We have v high ceilings. I’ve attached a photo of what Im thinking but very open to suggestions. The downlights arent evenly spaced and are @ 1.4m apart. Would this look ok?

Should I get electrician to evenly space the pendants over the 3m bench. If so, what’s the correct distance?

Thats in advance for all your suggestions!!

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