Extension design with hallway to balcony

Leo Tao
last month
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Hi all,
I've gone through a few iterations with architects and almost have a final design, but I'm unsure about one aspect of the design. The hallway between the master bedroom at the back and the living area leads to the balcony. It's designed to give it a bit of separation and privacy between the bedroom and living area. However, it feels like it doesn't serve much purpose outside of that and is a part of the house that practically won't be used. On top of that, Because of the location of the hallway, we won't be able to put any tables or benchtop on that side of the balcony as it serves as a walkway the whole way though. Any ideas on how things could be rearranged or how the hallway can be better utilised?
The purpose of the step down is to be gradually closer to ground level as the land slopes down towards the back.
Updated image to show dimensions

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