Upstairs addition possibility + bathroom idea help please

last month

House is a almost completed renovation in inner city Melb now we need a bit more space. Home to couple a 2.5 yr and an almost 1 year old. Not on the radar when place designed.

1. Can an additional ensuite bedroom over the b3 on the plan, which currently just has stuff' prams change table ; desk ( working from home) etc.- We need room for these . Can a bedroom be put from say the hall wall side ( not the outside boundary as I think that this not allowed )- to come out to overhang the courtyard or the to the boundary. ; put stairs on the wall besides he bathroom: have access form bathroom under the stairs and may be a ensuite room at the top . The courtyard faces north and while the winter sun is nice it is a very hot room. The new extension is the back room with separate room. the bathroom and 3d also new build.

2 question the bathroom isn't working. It was only a temporary in any event so window or pipes can be moved.

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