Advice on colour scheme and wall art

Amanda Jordan
last month
last modified: last month

What colour scheme should we add to our bedroom, and what art? At present our house is mostly glass, wood, white and (where necessary e.g. for block out curtains) black. It's spacious and uncluttered. I'm thinking of adding a throw blanket, pillows and a large artwork to our bedroom to add some colour but am nervous about losing our midcentury/minimalist look. At present I'm thinking mustard and navy, or forest green and orange, but am open to suggestions. I'd also like some advice on artwork. I like pieces that I feel complement walls well (like Rothko-style) and my husband likes interesting photographs that make good use of colour (like William Eggleston photos). He hates cliches and landscapes. I don't want to look at pictures of random people on my wall. He is a graphic designer and it is important to him we support an artist directly rather than a big company selling tonnes of wall prints. I don't want anything too designy- I think that's more suitable for his study. Apologies if we sound picky! There's no rush. The only thing that's not up for change is the bedframe and bedside tables. They are Hansen style from Matt Blatt and have a reddish tone- I think they're mango wood.

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