Dilemma - what to do ???

Heather Old
last month

I’ve come into a little bit of money and my first thought was to renovate my 1990 untouched, uninsulated, wind whistling through windows, no floor covering home. Then I saw how much that was going to cost and that I’d never get it back in the house price. I’ve already put so much money into the home installing reverse cycle air con, a pool and CCTV alarm system etc
So now I’m in a bit of a dilemma. What to do. This keeps me up at night so am after thoughts on what you’d do in the same situation. Do I ...

pay off mortgage and use the money saved to do the house up bit by bit each year
buy land and build and have a higher mortgage but the exact house I want
renovate and have a comfortable house and ‘lose’ the money spent
buy a new house and end up with a comfortable house but higher mortgage

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