Looking for colour suggestions for fascia and guttering

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We are about to repaint our timber windows and eaves, and replacing our guttering. We are debating between repainting the fascia or putting up colorbond fascia.

We’re looking for advice re colours. As we have some “primrose” coloured aluminium doors and windows at the back of the house, we will stick with that colour for the timber windows, but should we do the fascia and gutters different colours like they are now, or do just one single colour?

If we go one single colour, our preferred choice would be either green similar to the current colour, or a grey/charcoal.

So, my questions are:

1. Do we stick to different colours for the fascia and guttering? If so, which colours - cream & green, or cream & grey?

2. Should we go a single colour for the fascia and guttering? If so, green or grey/charcoal?

The green awnings are staying as the front of the house faces west and we need the shade.

Thank you for your advice!

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