Which colours for my gutters, awnings and trims?

Darren Ally
last month
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Hi community, we have repainted our bricks a Beige Ash but am undecided with the colour for the gutters, trims ( front Door and Garage frame and garage door) and the Awnings over the window. We are torn between Vivid white or alpine snow for gutters or Monument Grey or a type of grey. For the Awnings we were thinking of Monument grey and Vivid white for the stripes. Should we forget the stripes and just go for all white or Monument grey for the awnings? For the trim we were leaning towards a white trim around the frame of garage door and front door with monument grey on the diamond shapes. We just want a fresher look and like the whites and greys...should we go dark for the gutters? If you think white - what white should I choose? Is Vivid too white - will it get too dirty? Should we choose a completely different colour for the front door to make it pop? Help us comrades! We are really torn and undecided and the Painter is booked for the weekend!! Pleeeeease HEEEEELP!!

Should we go all white with the gutters and trim of windows and doors?

We have put White and Monument Grey on the guttering to sample colours!

And we have put some monument grey on the fascias with some white to keep strip design.

This is the rear of the house - the Beige Ash colour on the bricks looks very different in the sun light.

Before shot

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