landscaping question

Alice Ng
4 months ago

hi all,

I am a first time poster so hopefully my question makes sense!

We are looking at purchasing a property and the backyard grass patch is high up at the back with stairs down to brick landing and then it has another set of stairs back up onto a small porch and into the house. The brick landing has another entrance to the lower part of the house, rumpus.

it's not ideal with young children to have so many stairs and also the heightened grass can easily lead to dangerous falls onto the brick below.

what council issues will there be for landscaping? what are the cost of designing something that works and what sort of ideas would work? or would building a fence and rail work best?

many thanks!

photo 1: the backyard, can see the stairs leading down onto the brick. can also see the house has a porch and stairs
photo 2: the rumpus looks right onto the shortest side of the wall

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