Paint color suggestions for the exterior.

Caz Ellis
last month

Suggestions for paint colors please for the stone walls, windows, window sills and wooden trim. The house has some stained glass window features and the front verandah has heritage red and small dark grey tiles so I have decided to keep the heritage red on the gutters.

Roof aluminium tiles are light green/grey.

I am thinking of keeping a light color on the main walls and then use half strength or a lighter color on the sills, posts and beams(get rid of the red on the posts) and then lighter again on the smaller decorative woodwork to define and highlight. I need to either choose shades that definitely work together or go half strength, quarter strength but dont want the house color to be dark.

Definitely getting rid of the yellow woodwork and salmon sills.

I have already bought several test pots and they dont look anything like the color charts so if I can get some color names and combination that works that would be a great help

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