Feedback or advice on house plans please.

sherin g
12 days ago

First time building and don’t have any real experience in all this, so would really like some advice, feedback and suggestions.

The block is 15.2 x 49m and we are subdividing it so we can afford to build on it. It’s a West facing block with 2 easements - 1 along the driveway side (south) and the other along the back (east), easement width as per site plan. We have the back portion of the block. Council requirements 35% of land needs to be garden space, hence our house can't get any bigger and house must have a pitched roof.

We are a family of 3 (hubby, our little 16 months old and I) with the view of adding one more to the brood.

What we need;

  • A downstairs bedroom to accommodate husbands aging parents
  • Ability to have an 8 seater dining table
  • Upstairs master plus 2 kids bed rooms
  • Office space as I work from home a lot
  • Leisure/play area upstairs

From the current plans we really like the way the laundry and butler's pantry is set up coming in from the garage, we like the master bed room too. The rest I'm not too sure about so open to feedback and flexible to try things out.

We would like to get as much light as possible into the house, specially some northern light to downstairs, but unsure about the highlight window above the TV.

Not particularly fond of the stairs being in the middle of the house, or distance from front door to stairs but have been advised this is the only option given the limited space we have… what do you all think?

Would like your feedback on upstairs layout, can it be done better?

Thanking you all in advance- Sherin x

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