Help with bathroom vanity light placement

8 days ago
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Hi all,

Would appreciate your advice/comments/real-life experience on lighting a double vanity.

Attached is the floorplan of the ensuite (sorry for the blur). There will be a heat light and a regular down light in the middle of the room and another downlight over the shower already.

Ideally I would love two individual mirrors (I love the long oval or arch ones) above the sinks with three face-level sconces either side. However I suspect I won't have the space for that.

The other options (that I can think of) are:

1) two pendants either end of the vanity - but given the distance apart will you always have a funny shadow on one side when doing makeup? Does anyone who has pendants get annoyed with them and feel like they're in the way?

2) two over mirror sconce type lights - but I've only heard that overhead lighting creates bad bad shadows - is this true?

These (photos attached) were the original sconces we were thinking of (and their matching pendant style) to give you an idea of the style we like.

The current mirrors we love are just the plain ones below from Ikea which are 60cm wide and 120cm high (top of sink to ceiling is 1.95cm).


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