Track lighting for a pitched ceiling?

Susan Clark
11 months ago
last modified: 11 months ago

We are building a house with a lounge/dining/kitchen area that goes from 2.8m high at external walls to 4.1m high over the kitchen. To protect the ceiling insulation we are considering lights other than downlights and track lights seem possible. Our question though, should the track lights be fitted to the ceiling and so be higher at some points than others, or be suspended so that their height above floor level is consistent? The latter would be considerably more expensive, we think, and cost is an issue. We have never used track lights and would love to hear from others who have used them successfully in a home setting. .

Pic attached is the sort of thing we’d like to do - have a track around the edge of the room with multiple circuits - one for pic light, one for mood lighting and another for task lighting - 3 circuit tracks seem to be readily available and affordable.


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