Kitchen design dilemma - is a scullery worth it?

Julie T
8 days ago

Hi, we are getting our house built in the next few months and need to sign off on the floor plan, but I need some advice on how to best utilise the space in our kitchen/living/dining room.

We have a narrow block (12m width) and want to make it feel open and maximize the width of the house. Currently nearly every builder has sculleries included into their floor plans, however we are not sure if this completely necessary as our current floor plan has the scullery & laundry sitting right behind our kitchen which then eats into some of our living space. The distance between kitchen island and the living space is about 1m to 1.5m. We have amended the floor plan to remove this scullery and relocate the laundry elsewhere in the house, but this is now going to cost us more money to remove it then to just have it. Do you think it is worth just keeping the scullery and laundry as standard or paying more to remove it to maximize open space in between the kitchen and living room and relocate the laundry to the bedrooms (this also affects our elevation)? Below are pictures of both design variations. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

With Scullery- family/ meals will be swapped

Without Scullery and laundry relocated - please ignore tv recess and family /meals rooms will be swapped.

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