Dilemma with small bathroom design

Erika Marriott
last month
last modified: last month

Hi, we are about to renovate our small bathroom and I have come up with many ideas but just stuck with how to organise the space. Ive never done a reno before. We currently have a shower over bath combo which we hate and would like to remove the bath altogether (there is a bath down stairs). It is on a timber floor with standing access underneth. We are just getting so confused over how to best design the space to suit a family (2 people in at once). I would love you ideas. The bathroom is 1650mm wide and 2650 long and the toilet is 900mm wide and 1500mm long. I have included photos in the comments plus an idea we come up with but requires moved plumming but has a walk in shower? Will this be worth the expense?

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