Taking this Kitchen From Plain to Teal Perfection

Originally tucked away in a confined corner of the home, our client wanted to somehow make her kitchen larger and more central to the flow of the home.

Interestingly, whilst she was very drawn to colour, she couldn’t envisage anything other than a white kitchen. She was also keen to incorporate her love of the ocean and the outdoors into the design.

A keen cook, our client tasked us with making the new kitchen highly functional, considering every detail, like handle choice, cookbook storage and most importantly, a spacious island for food prep, serving and entertaining.

To increase the footprint of the kitchen and improve flow of the entire living space, we moved it towards the centre of the home, where the TV/games room once sat. This meant some removing a wall and adding a supporting beam, something that the client was initially nervous about. We managed to talk them through this process, with the help of our seasoned builder.

The re-orienting of the kitchen also gave our client a garden outlook from her kitchen, embracing her love of the outdoors.

As a nod to the ocean, we opted for a striking deep teal for the island cabinetry. This teal, combined with splashes of blush pink satisfied our client’s love of colour in the kitchen without overpowering the space – far from the white she had initially envisaged but much better suited to her taste. The oversized island gave us loads of storage and with some open shelving on the side, also imbibed a bit of extra personality.

We offset the bolder teal with soothing neutrals – the muted arabescato island stone, the chalky white benchtops and the earthy wooden cabinetry.

We opted for a light grey stone flooring, which was carried through the entire downstairs space. At the outset of the project, the client was keen to retain her existing terracotta tiles. However, during the initial design stage it became clear to us that a softer, less dominant flooring option would really open up the home, provide greater flow between spaces and give us a better starting point for other tones and textures.

Before Kitchen:

After Kitchen:

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Before Living Room :

After Living Room:

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Before Floor Plan:

After Floor Plan:

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