Design dilemma- Tween room

Bee Phillips
25 days ago

For my daughter’s 11th birthday, we want to give her bedroom a bit of a makeover.

Our challenge is relating to storage, room arrangement and lack of wall space due to full length sliding doors and an awkward opening of a wardrobe door that intrudes on valuable wall space.

I don’t think we can rearrange the furniture (but open to ideas!) - ie the bed needs to stay against the wall where it’s currently located and the desk needs to be opposite the bed.

So I’m thinking our only option is to get a narrower and possibly lower shelf next to her bed so we can better centre the bed and give her more room for a better bedside table.

I’ve been looking at the Koala tall/narrow shelf as an alternative which would provide an additional 30cms in width and is quite a bit lower.

But would love and appreciate any advice and open to all ideas!

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