Bathroom renovation help - keep toilet separate or combine?

23 days ago

Hi everyone -

We've been starting to think about our main bathroom renovation. This is the existing plan I've drawn so you can see dimensions, window and door openings. We have a separate small toilet and bathroom with bath only really suitable for smaller children. We are are family of 5 and have another ensuite bathroom upstairs - this is our main downstairs bathroom and is used by the kids and guests.

My question is - would you keep the layout the same and just modernise or combine the two spaces and make the bathroom bigger?

Option 1 - Keep layout as is

  • means we would have a separate toilet for guests (which could be used if someone is in the bathroom).
  • in the new design we would include a small basin and a more compact toilet unit to maximise space, make it into a powder room.
  • change the inwards opening door to a pocket door in the toilet to again maximise space
  • in the bathroom, we would include a wall hung vanity and have a tiled shower base to increase the feeling of space
  • windows wouldn't need to be changed so it would be more cost effective for overall project - less building works, plumbing to stay in same location

Option 2 - Combine to a larger bathroom

  • would give us the opportunity to include a proper full sized bathtub
  • we would be able to use the awkward extra space that sits outside the toilet
  • would cost a lot more as would involve moving walls, changing plumbing, windows etc

I've been playing around in the Reece 3D planner and have come up with some design options.

We would love your ideas and thoughts on whether to combine or leave alone and just improve what's there to make it more functional.

thanks in advance :-)

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