Al fresco entertaining area advice

Karsan Hutchinson
23 days ago
last modified: 23 days ago

We have a 18 year old al fresco area, which is about 140m^2. The retaining wall was not correctly installed when we purchased the property, and will need to be replaced we are looking at reimagining the area to allow for entertaining and to incorporate a herb/vegetable area, replacing the paved area and also reconsider the garden. What advice do you have for including the the deign? After decluttering, we‘d like maybe cafe blind to enclose the area from the hot Australian sun/heat. access to the property is only a 980mm gap in the side of the house, which is problematic. Would you suggest replacing the retaining wall, or building in front?

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  • dreamer
    23 days ago

    photos of retaining wall, and the 980mm entrance would help.

  • Karsan Hutchinson
    Original Author
    23 days ago
    last modified: 23 days ago

    Sorry. I thought I’d added more photos. I’ve added some more.

  • julie herbert
    22 days ago

    I would de clutter as you said first, your paving looks interesting and is giving different looks to the area, pressure wash and then decide if it needs replacing but it looks really good and with the money saved you could turn the area into a fabulous living space , if retaining wall needs replacing there are some beautiful new stone alternatives that will last a lifetime, add an outdoor kitchen, restore your timber furniture add a comfy couch and blinds to block out harsh sun, could look fabulous.

  • julie herbert
    22 days ago

    You could grow your veggies if you allow for a garden bed in retaining wall, raised planters could look great also, using both sides of retaining wall would look great also.

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  • Austere Hamlet
    9 days ago

    As it is, it's just a massive expanse with no real purpose. Given the size I would break it up into outdoor area's. So having the alfresco dining area, then your kitchen garden area, a nice private sitting area, definately think about a fire pit with that much space.

    The real problem is actually the acres of paving with no greenery and the colourbond fence in bottle green. It's all very 90's and not very pleasant.

    For a kitchen garden, unless you are an avid gardener you will find a keyed raised bed area to be easiest to use and attractive to look at. These kinds of beds are great because they can also be used as seating and there is a definate entrance to the space which defines it. These ones ones pretty elaborate, but you get the idea. It's layout both encloses the space and also has a defined path inside the space. It makes the area like a room instead of just some random garden beds over in the corner.

    Dining area possibly with fire pit...

    I love the sunken fire pit here with benches all around. You could imagine a nice gathering there with everyone being comfortable on cushions. Imagine the dining table and chairs just off to the right on the raised paved area.

    Unless you really love the metal roof over your alfresco I'd lose it. I think you said you wanted a cafe awning which I think would be far more attractive. Good idea. I have to throw a pic of this outdoor table in because it's pretty amazing.

    But what about a nice little hideaway nook for when you just need a cuppa and time out without being disturbed?