Flooring Dilemma concrete or not to concrete?

Jeannine Penniment
3 months ago

We are building a solar passive home. So we need a high thermal mass flooring option for our living spaces office and master bedroom. Concrete would likely be the most practical option cost and low maintenance. I also think it might suit some other design elements such as stainless steel kitchen benches and exposed recycled brick behind fireplace. I just hate the look of it! It reminds me of being in a shopping centre and the stress of being in overwhelming places like that. I would love to put in slate but worried it will date the space and isn't as environmentally friendly as all slate is imported here. There is local sandstone but I understand there is durability issues?

Im not too keen on tile due to the grout lines. There is a natural sealed earth flooring option but not sure it will match the other more modern/industrial aspects of the home.

Any advice on a softer concrete look or any other flooring ideas?

Any idea on how to combine natural softer elements with more industrial elements?

How did you design on your material pallette?

Thank you so much?

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