Self-levelling surface is powdery after application - normal?

3 months ago

Hello experts,

I've paid to level our floor with self-levelling compound (mapie ultraplan eco product was used).

The surface after 3-4 days of drying is very powdery in many areas. It sticks to the hand when I run my hand over it, and if I rub a little harder it seems to be coming off. Almost like it hasn't bonded properly.

Other areas are absolutely smooth and solid, not powdery at all.

I wanted to know if this is normal. Is it that the powder is just on the surface, but underneath it is cured and bonded properly? Why would some areas be so smooth and not others not?

The installer is telling me that this is normal and nothing to worry about.

Our objective is to install hybrid flooring - and we were advised to level the floor, hence we went down this path.

Thank you in advance.

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