small-time design, ultra affordable

last month

I need to be frank so respondents should be on the same page. I realize that nowadays everything has become so high-style and cutting edge that hardly anyone relates to small-time consumers anymore. But that exactly describes me, and so it's my hope that i've accordingly set the tone for upcoming responses.

OK, now years ago I contracted online with a [novice] designer based in the U.K.

I'm in the U.S. and i forget exactly how i found him, or if he's even in business anymore. But at the time, i had sent him my layout for a small kitchen which i'd designed thru IKEA's design app., and then he took it from there, and converted mine into a more professional 3d rendering, for a very cheap fee of $100.

Is it possible to find similar affordability now? Hopefully, they should be able to render my own layout similar to this sample, which i found online:

sample sourced-online: https://i.imgur.com/OKLbFjQ.jpg

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