where can i buy timber look shelves for kitchen

Hi, I want to put timber floating shelves in my kitchen to store glass jars on and possibly some herb plants. The main aims are to add more storage in some kitchen and some greenery. My nephew (a cabinetmaker) said the easiest and cheapest way is to just buy them from Bunnings. However, when I checked out the stock in Bunnings, they only had a light-greyish timber look melamine. The look I need is a Tasmanian Oak or another warm timber look floating shelf (because my floors are mixed hardwood). Two questions: 1. Does anyone know where else/how else I can get floating shelves in this colour OR 2. If I cannot find something similar, has anyone ever put a timber stain on timber look melamine - as my second option is to buy the ones in Bunnings and try to stain them in a warmer colour without losing the timber look.

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