Decor: adding a touch of masculinity for a bedroom?

Ariana Krouse
last month

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I just moved into a new apartment. I want to make sure our decor has masculine elements for him as well. My style tends to lean more contemporary and my boyfriend likes a classic elegant decor. I am looking for a way to make our bedroom more masculine as we have quite a few feminine peices in the bedroom. Everything but the furniture can be switched out and I plan on keeping the royal blue color at the least. Attached are photos of the room and a photo of the main living area as I want the design to flow throughout the apartment. Also please ignore the mess and uncompleted decor we are just getting moved in. Thanks!

I was wanting to get curtains like this (my boyfriend likes the elegance the sheer pannels add) but need to offset it with more masculinity:

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