How best to reno our old fibro home, what to do with the sunroom?

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Hello all,

I am seeking help with our renovations. We own a 2 bedroom home with sun room at the front of the house. Each time we explore our renovation options we are hit with the dilemma of how best to utilise our foot print and making the most of each room especially the front sunroom on a budget ($200k), as this may become a rental property in the future.

We find the sunroom currently is only used for the following:

- Entry (at times) this door needs changing

- Desk at one end for a relatively unused office area

- A place for the dog to sleep

Other than that, we find this quite a waste of m2 space.

Our renovation thoughts have been (plan attached) :

Remove the wall from the lounge to the sunroom (original front of house has asbestos)

Block the entry to the main bedroom, main bedroom entry becomes through some french doors through the sunroom

Raise the floor level (cypress pine throughout the house, front section is on a lower concrete slab)

Install a small dividing wall inline with the bedroom/lounge wall and use as desk office space

Reinstall an entry to the front of the house

Install deck


Remove the sunroom and return back to the original veranda (on a concrete slab)


Renovate to tidy and leave as current floor plan

Replace damaged windows

Reinstall entry to front of house with small deck at front

Consider removal of asbestos on wall and ceiling between lounge/sunroom

To date we have completed the following internal to make it comfortable to live in:

Undercoated with some top coat throughout

Installed a new kitchen

Stripped vinyl and carpet and sanded cypress pine floors internally

Installed the fireplace

As much as we would have loved to have a 3rd bedroom, the proposed house plans attached required us to complete quite a significant structural changes with raising the roof and floor levels which required new trusses throughout.

The proposed plans included:

Raising roof + insulation

Raising floor levels in rear of house and continuing cypress pine flooring (inc 2ndbedroom which is on a tacked on concrete slab)

Removing all asbestos external and internal

Cladding external and insulating (house currently has no insulation)

Building the laundry into the house (currently outside)

Combining toilet and bathroom (installing 2nd toilet in laundry)

Removing walls to kitchen/sunroom and lounge/sunroom for open plan (structural)

Installing 3rd bedroom facing south&west

Installing decks front, north and rear (west)

Replacing windows throughout (most damaged aluminium)

Quotes to date with the above renovations totalled $300k + without 3rd bedroom and side (north facing) deck. Which made us think of knock down and rebuild, which is probably not worth it if we may need to relocate for work.

So we are now considering now a budget renovation due to work plans changing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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