What to do with old beam?

Mary Peterson
last month
last modified: last month

We have a beam in our home that we would really like to improve. It is an outdated color, and the look is not really what we are going for. It's a bunch of tiny pieces of wood glued together. We would love it to be more uniform, or look like one big piece of wood, but we are having troubles figuring out a solution. We thought about painting it white, but the kitchen is white and it runs into the kitchen. If we were to make it smooth and drywall up to the beam in the kitchen, we may be able to get away with white, but we don't have time for that anymore with the cabinets up. We also thought about wrapping it, but we can't find any wood large enough to make it a cohesive beam. Any thoughts? We are open to anything. We want to try to make the beam cohesive with all of the different woods. Pine tongue and groove on the ceiling, hickory cabinets, and we will be having a darker hickory floor.

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