vinyl wrap cupboard discolouration

last month

Our house is 14 years old and some of the kitchen cupboards have become darker which looks odd. They are vinyl wrap doors with feature grooves in a maple colour but over time some cupboards have turned a darker shade. I don't know why its only some cupboards but someone told me it might be because of the sunlight coming in through the kitchen window. I have heard that you can't paint over vinyl wrap and that to remove it is very hard to do and often the timber under becomes damaged in the process. I can't really afford to replace all the cupboard doors in the kitchen-there are 13 upper cupboards, 2 appliance cupboards, 12 lower cupboards, 13 drawers and a microwave recess and drawer. As they are not standard sizes, a cabinet maker would have to make them which is costly. The more obvious "darker shade" cupboards are some of the overhead ones so I thought maybe to remove the fronts and get glass doors just on these ones but not sure if this would look odd. The inside of the cabinets is white melamine. Also thought maybe its cheaper just removing all upper cupboards and replacing with open shelving and maybe create a wine rack over the fridge/freezer. There are 2 cupboards with a built in exhaust over the hot plate so I could get an open range hood here instead and have shelving either side of this. Any opinions on my ideas or other budget friendly suggestions?

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