Help with bathroom layout please.

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Hello again!

I am making great progress with organising quotes for the new kitchen so now it’s time for the bathrooms.

I have attached a floor plan. The main bathroom/laundry combo is on the ground floor, 2nd for

ensuite. Please disregard the layout on the plan, it was included for DA purpose. Both the bathrooms are in totally new locations so new plumbing and electrical connections.

Few notes:

For the main bathroom:

- 2570 x 2700 dimensions

- window on the eastern wall, prefer bath on this side

- cavity sliding door which can be placed anywhere

- 1600mm freestanding bath or back to wall bath.

- I prefer a separate shower; husband thinks over bath is okay. However, with little kids and considering this is the main bathroom, I think it’s best to separate shower so it can be easily used by little kids.

- dimensions for a separate shower – 1100mm x 900 mm with a corner entry double sliding door shower screen

- To save space, tossing between a large basin which can double as a washing basin?

- have a front opening washing machine, no dryer

- wish to include a tall cabinet in the laundry area to store cleaning items and ironing board

- included a plan for option with separate shower and bath

For the ensuite:

- no window, will have an opening skylight

- cavity sliding door which can be placed anywhere

- prefer a walk-in shower

- possibility of 2 basins?

- 1600 x 2510 dimensions

Looking for feedbacks (negative and/or positive) and suggestions about layouts and practical solutions.

Thank you everyone 😊

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