Master layout assistance.

Phil Miatke
last month

Hey all. Looking for some help.
I've got 2 master layouts proposed for my new build. But both don't suit me 100%.. But are close!

My requirements are:
-Bath in front of window facing backyard (we're on an acre)
Master has a sliding door out to the deck.
-Spacious WIR

Option 1 (black and white pic)
Probably my fav layout, but the Master ends up being 6m x 4m which is rather big.. For just a bed and bedside tables. Hard to use the space much better?

Option 2- (black, white, pink picture)
Seems to work better. Get all the things I want. Butttt. The skinny dog leg hallway type entry doesn't seem like the most practical solution.

I think with my requirements I'm pretty limited as to any further options, but I thought I'd put it out to the brains trust here.
Can anyone see a 3rd option that meets my requirements?

Cheers all!

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